Friday, May 31, 2013

chiara ferragni

the lovely Fashion blogger chiara ferragni or . Her outfit in Milano

                                           She is wearing:

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fashion Blogs In CASUAL LOOK

The lovely kaytur fashion blogs In casual look at Cannes Film Festival


SHOES : Randa

PANTS : Guess by Marciano

BAG : B-Low The Belt

SHIRT : Lovers & Friends

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Fashion Blogs For Fashion Bloggers

Fashion Blogs have been around, almost since the establishment of the internet. From the beginnings, bloggers learned that fresh content could build a loyal following of visitors, which in turn meant, they could earn money from advertisers. Blog Hosting companies have made it fairly easy to start a blog. You simply sign up for a free blog and start typing your heart away. That's all fine and dandy, until the competition amongst bloggers heats up. How do you get your blog noticed amongst all those other bloggers out there?
Niche blogging communities are sprouting up across the web like, that specialize in niche market segments. offers free blog hosting to fashion bloggers, a unique "Fashion Oriented" url, fashion blogging tips and a community of fashion bloggers that share valuable information on the art of fashion blogging. What are the advantages and disadvantages of starting a blog at a niche blog hosting community or a mainstream blog hosting site like Wordpress, Typepad, blogger or blogspot?
Advantages of Niche blogging Communities
SEO- Your site will rank higher in your market segment.
For example: at you will have a unique URL like Search engines will rank your blog higher when people are searching for fashion blogs than a site that has a url like

Social Networking- Build relationships with the movers and shakers in your industry
For Example: at Fashions Blogs you will be able to connect with other, high profile fashion bloggers and discuss tips and tricks of the trade.
Stand out from the crowd.
When people head to the niche blogging community they can search for specialties like: Celebrity fashion blog, Teen Fashion BLog, Womens fashion blog, Designer Fashion Blog and depending on the content of your unique fashion blog, your site will easily be found by potential new fans.
Custom Themes, Templates and Plugins
Useful tools are available like plugins that offer free access to royalty free fashion images. Fashion styled Blog templates are also available.
Disadvantage of Niche Blogging Communities
Not many around
There are not currently a lot of Niche blogging communities around. It is still a fairly new concept online.
Technical Support-
Since these emerging blogging communities are in the infancy stage, they may not have the resources to help you and resolve problems as fast as a larger company like Wordpress or Blogspot

Communities start small
when you join a Niche blogging community like Fashions Blogs, you may find there are only a couple of registered members. This is because they are still new sites and have yet to attract the vast quantity of members. Just like eBay started small, so do these Niche blogging communities.

Whether you are a fashion blogger trying to get noticed amongst the sea of fashion bloggers like Girls Trends [] or you are an inspired celebrity blogger trying to attain the status of Perez Hilton, there is one thing for sure. BLogging takes time, dedication, passion, commitment. If you have these ingredients, you will surely get noticed amongst the thousands of other bloggers in your industry. Be patient and find a niche that other bloggers may not be writing about. Like Fashion for Dogs:)
Jerry McKinish is the CEO of as well as and has over 15 years experience in the fashion industry as a designer and entrepreneur. Mr. McKinish is pursuing his doctorate degree in Fashion Merchandising and plans to become a College Professor in Fashion Merchandising.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Risky Roles Over 40

They've bared their souls and their bodies on the big screen. Having surpassed the four-decade mark, these women have shown Hollywood they're not leaving town any time soon.Captions by Mark Deming



Jennifer Aniston in 'We're The Millers'
Almost twenty years after she broke through as the sexy gal on "Friends," Jennifer Aniston is as daring as ever. The 44-year-old actress plays a stripper in the upcoming comedy "We're The Millers," and puts her character's professional talents on display in one steamy-yet-funny scene

  Watch the trailer for 'We're the Millers' >>



Nicole Kidman in 'The Paperboy'
Nicole Kidman's cool, refined beauty has been her calling card throughout her career, but she's not afraid to turn up the heat in the right role. In 2012's "The Paperboy," she played a woman in love with a man on Death Row, and between her tacky but seriously provocative wardrobe and some steamy scenes in bed, on a washing machine, and even behind bars, the 45-year-old Kidman proved she's still fearless.



Marissa Tomei in 'The Wrestler'
Oscar winner Marissa Tomei shied away from doing nude scenes through most of her career, but she made an exception for Sidney Lumet's 2007 drama "Before The Devil Knows You're Dead." A year later, Tomei bared all again as a stripper falling for a down-on-his luck grappler in "The Wrestler." The role earned Tomei another Academy Award nomination at the age of 44


 Julianne Moore in 'Chloe'
Julianne Moore will take risks in her roles but not on her face. The 52-year-old actress, who has spoken out against plastic surgery, really went for it in 2009's "Chloe." Moore plays a woman who falls into a relationship with an escort (played by twenty-something Amanda Seyfried) hired to seduce her husband.



Demi Moore in 'Charlie's Angels II: Full Throttle'
Demi Moore hadn't starred in a movie in three years when she signed on for 2003's "Charlie's Angels II: Full Throttle," and she was clearly determined to make the most of her big comeback. Playing the villainous former angel, Madison Lee, Moore showed she could dish out the butt-kicking action just like her co-stars Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu – and at 41, she looked just as good ..



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Friday, May 24, 2013

Leather Pieces

Leather Pieces
Yes. Pieces from leather will keep everything in summer 2013. Synthetics are valued because they are thinner and lighter. Try on some shorts, skirts, pants and jackets to give more elegant air to your summery look.

Military Parka Styles

Military parka styles have officially joined the female wardrobe as a neutral piece that allows various combinations. In summer 2013 the parka will serve to neutralize prints and bold colors on cooler days

Oh My Vogue Outfit

The Lovely Oh My Vogue Fashion Blogger

MANGO denim shirt | camisa vaquera

ZARA pastel jeans | vaqueros

ISABEL MARANT shoes | zapatos

H&M chunky necklace | maxi collar

C√ČLINE bag | bolso

GUCCI sunglasses | gafas

YSL ring | anillo